Learning German language course couldn't be simpler than this.

Are you making plans to study or work in German or any other country like Austria or Switzerland where the German language is used for education and work? You may be able to find a way to study in English or find a job in an English speaking atmosphere but just imagine; you are in a place where only German is spoken and you have no clue of what they are talking about! Imagine, you visit a Restuarent, and you are a vegetarian, and you cannot explain to them that you want to have something which doesn't have any meat!

What would you do in such situation?
How would you make sure that you get up well in these German-speaking countries?

The answer is simple;
Enroll yourself in a German language course. Do you know that over 130 million people speak German across the globe? Yes, It is one of the mostly widely spoken languages in the world! knowing the German language well can lead you to many opportunities; Germany has a special place and reputation among the countries that publish the highest number of new books annually, Germany is in the fifth position. There are many websites loaded with vital information on various subject and all are in the German language. You can access a ton of resources of knowledge available in Germany if you have better proficiency in the language.
German is the language of people like Einstien, Mozart, Goethe, Bach, Kafka and Beethoven. If you know the German language. You can enjoy the original work of some of the great mind and legends in literature, Art, Music and Philosophy.

More travel options

If you know the German language, you can travel around Germany and other German - speaking countries in Europe, with ease and pleasure as knowing German will make it easy to communicate with the locals wherever you go. The list of benefits of knowing German can go on and on without any end. Enroll in a german language learning centre(LLC) of OZGO can help you with a German language course that is best suited to your requirements.

How can i learn German Fast?

There are a few steps required from your side to learn the German language quickly and effectively. Firstly, you need to get in touch with one of the admission counselors of the Ozgo LLP. The counselors are well informed to help you figure out where you should start, How much work you need to do to enhance your German language learning, and when you will be able to start speaking and writing German language, and also let you know and understand from what level you need to start learning German eg; From the beginner's level, basic, intermediate etc. Talking to language expert ensures whether you are right fit for taking up a language course, and this is also possible with the help of our counselors. Secondly, after enrolling in the choosen course, you need to stay dedicated. You need to work well to understand the nuances of the language to be able to listen, speak, read and write German fluently. Our mentors and teachers will guide you and assist you with all essential material, lessons and experiance you require for completing the German language learning course, have recieved compliments for their fluency! while a few of them were studying in the university along with their fellow German students, they were asked how come they know better German, India is not a German speaking country. Hard work and dedication prove worth always! The achievements of our former students amazed us! And we are so proud of them! And we want the same for you! If studying, working or settling in Germany is your dream then We want to make your dream come true.

How to choose the best German language course?

While choosing the best German language course for yourself, you need to keep some aspects in mind:

  • Every aspirent is different. So is their skill set. For some, German may be an unknown language, hence to need to learn from the very base, while some may be at the beginner level who want to hine their proficiency. Whereas someone might want to improve either the skills in one of the segments; reading, writing, listening or speaking skills. So it's important to make sure what course suits you provide customized training based on your objective
  • Check yourself first and see how much time you have to spend as one should be regular and have enough time to invest in the learning process for better results especially with in a specific period of time.
  • You should also check what support you will get from your mentors?
  • Will your doubts be clarified instantly while attending the classes?
  • How many lessons per day will you be required to learn to achieve your goal within the specific time period?
  • How many lessons about should you attend and in how many days to be able to write German correctly?
  • When will you be able to communicate easily with native speakers?

Answer to all these questains will help you choose the best course for you. At the OZGO German language course, you are assured of almost everything mentioned above. You can check every minute detail before enrolling, and we are sure you will be happy to see the lives we have impacted with our course and services. So that's what you need to know before choosing a course for yourself. Now, let's hope onto our next questain on the list:

How can i learn German by myself?

If you want to learn it yourself, let us tell you that learning German can be a challeging task alone. But yes. it is not impossible. You would need to do everything on your own, from research to implementation. It will require rigorous dedication, proper guidence, time devotion, and hard work on your part to learn it correctly from sourceslike books, the internet, free videos, etc. So let's go through what you need to face while learning German on your own.

Set your aim right

You need to set an obvious goal for yourself, like; how much time you need to learn German and how much hold you want to get over the language? You would need to learn the most frequently used to German words daily at the start of your journey. You can also learn a few German songs or try to have some basic conversation with any of your German friend or any person who knows German, while you are in the initial phase of learning. It can be challenging because people may start, but while and doing everything on your own, you might lose your way in the middle, so you need to keep youself motivated and keep in mind never to give up!

Track your progress

When you have set a goal for yourself and have begun your learning, you need to track your progress at all steps of your journey, with whatever you are doing, you need to analyse how much improvement you have made and what part of the language need more work perfect. One hack that you can use is to change your mobile language to German to keep yourself dedicated along the entire journey, you might get a good hold of the German language. Learning a foriegn language is proven to increase one's concentration! So why not try it out too?
But keep a note, if you choose to go on your own, it will take a lot of your time, even a few months, and the result will not be as perfect as compared to if you choose to take a German language-learning course, the Language Learning Centre of OZGO could be a great help in this regard.

How long does it take to learn German?

Now, for all those who are eager to learn German on their own, here's a surprise!
For an average English-speaking person, if you keep your dedication and hardwork consistent, it will take you at least 30 weeks/750 Hrs approximately to converse in German fluently. This is significantly less, a fraction compared to learning other languages like Japanese, Chinese or Arabic, which might take up to 88 weeks.

Can you keep up this long with no expert help?

If you can't, the Language Learning centre of OZGO is here to help you. We will make sure that you learn German fast and effectively so that you become a pro in the German language. Our German language course mentors are qualified and have been doing this for years while teaching German to many students before.


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