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A country of knwoledge,idea and also known for valuing others time and teamwork! Why should not one choose Germany for post-secondary or post-degree studies?
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A country with an amazing tradition and a very peaceful atmosphere. Italy is very famous for its culture, food, music, architecture and etc. universities in Italy are very famous for their quality and discipline. Learn more



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The land of hundreds of astonishing castles. Poland is a stunning place of its diversity and you can find well-known universities for your dream future. Learn more

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Career guidance and career councelling

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and prior knowledge are considered equally crucial during guidance.

As the ultimate goal and outcome of the studies are inter-connected, a further or higher education aspirant needs to be counselled for his career after the studies.

What are the benefits of career counselling?

Proper career counselling is essential when a person is confused about what to study next, and how to choose an ideal course for a better career. Hence career counselling helps to be focused and confident while in the course of studies. After attending a professional career counselling you will not need to regret it later, after spending a lot of time, energy and money on a programme as it will give you a qualification which is accepted internationally, by the employees and universities alike.

Course search

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Course search should based on the students interest and career. What exactly is the student expert from the student's previous overall profile and students budget. For example, Diploma and PG Diploma cost less compared to the degree courses.

Admission Process

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How important is it that you write on a university application form?

The questions asked in the form should be considered as part of an admission interview where you are free to answer conveniently and even in the case, you wish to improve or edit the answer you may do it before submitting.

Be genuine and confident. Present yourself and the application better but try to be clear, transparent and genuine to the university. If the university finds any error that will affect your enrollment.

Visa process

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  • Standing with carefully completing an application again, the difference is now it's for a visa instead of admission.
  • A set of questions again in advance to reply at your convenience, without any time limit, But reach and every word is important here as once submitted it's going to be recorded at the visa office.
  • Supporting documents need to be clear and easily readable. You are bound to provide all documents required, and if anything is not available, be honest, admit and provide all documents required, and valid reasons if possible.
  • More documents other than those listed, especially irrelevant don't improve the chances of approval
  • Cover/Introduction letter if listed required should be properly written. Follow the short and sweet policy; provide it in brief; introduce the course's duration cost of your studies in terms of tuition fees and accommodation.
  • Don't mistake it and write a motivation letter, as that's required for your admission, not for a visa!
  • Make sure that you have made one more set of applications for your record and reference before submitting the visa application in case you are called for an interview or clarifications.
  • Make sure that you have made one more set of applications for your record and reference before submitting the visa application in case you are called for an interview or clarifications.
  • Don't dress up to impress the visa officer, a formal and decent dress will do if you need to submit the visa application in person.
  • As most of the consulates have an appointment system in place, make sure that you are ready, well in advance or make an appointment by giving enough time to get ready with all the above-mentioned.
  • Give at least a month to process the application three months before the course commencement or your proposed arrival date.

Interview preparation

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the visa officers are generally neutral and sometimes friendly too. They are well trained for their job. They speak slowly, they never shout at the people. They are aware of your rights as well. But are you prepared to speak well and straightforward, and in a simple language? Are you going to follow the 'short and sweet' reply policy until and unless you are asked for an explanation?

What are the visa interview questions?

It's very simple to have an idea, and the below listed could be the mainly expected questions in any circumstances;

  • Do you know the purpose of your visit?
  • Do you know what courses you are going to attend?
  • Do you know the duration of the course/s?
  • Do you know the names of universities or institutions where you will attend the said study programmes?
  • Do you know the tution fees that you need to pay , and the funds that you have in your position?
  • What's the form of the funds available with you?
  • how did you manage to organise the funds?
  • what you expect from the studies?
  • How will these studies help you in your future career
  • What is your plan after completing studies?
Keep in mind there is no limit ,and the officer can ask you any relevant questions to know you better.
Post arrival services

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You may stay alone in a room but share the kitchen and other facilities with other students. You may also choose to share and stay in the same room with another student. Generally, the university hostel is located very close to your campus, just a walkable distance or short enough to use a bicycle.

A private accomadation could be anywhere, close to or in a long distance.

Host family accommodation is fit for those who wish to enjoy the culture of the country by staying with a local family. It helps foreign students to learn the language/accent and also the way they use language. Generally, the price goes with Bed and breakfast or two meals (Breakfast and Dinner). A packed lunch is included in the three-meal package, and a packed lunch is given to the student while leaving the campus in the morning.

Most private institutions offer airport pick-up and transfer services and many of them insist to book it mandatory in advance, to make it easier and hassle-free. But most public universities are not offering this kind of service. In such situations, You may go ahead with the buddy services or private accommodation.

In the worst situation, we can organise a kind of initial accommodation arrangement through the students who are already attending a course in the same university(only when we find somebody who is interested and readily available). The last option is to book and stay in a nearby hotel/motel for a week before you find suitable accommodation with the help of the international office of the university or with classmates and other students.

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We believe in the idea of internationalism and free education for all. We are team of students, professors, visa experts and career counsellors to give the best in their journey of study abroad.

College education should be experiential, and that's most important factor of studying in foriegn country. See the world live and learn in a multicultural & multilingual society, and make new friends & contacts that last for long.

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